The Tethys Prequels (Volumes 1–3)

This is an omnibus edition of the following novels, which are not available as separate books anymore, but have been amalgamated—paperback and Kindle editions—into this book.

System Crash

At the dawn of the interstellar age. Over a millennium before the rediscovery of Tethys....

In the late 21st century interstellar flight has suddenly become a reality. At the same time on Earth, Infogen's TransNet has become a communications spider's web that threatens to choke freedom and human development.

Carl Ilkwood, ruler of this behemoth of influence and power, recalls Jim Corwin, his one-time security chief, to protect his daughter Sam from a series of attacks attributed to the Listerites, a group of cyber terrorists, who want to bring TransNet to its knees.

But when Jim returns, he finds that few things are what they appear to be, and that the true danger lies deep within InfoGen itself.


A century after the dawn of the interstellar age. A millennium before the rediscovery of Tethys....

Jack and Claury had thought that they could stay and live on Coralia forever—together. But then Jack's father was murdered and his parents were afraid for their own lives as well. Jack and Claury were separated and left to the vicissitudes of a grim fate, as mysterious forces threatened to kill them, while another apparently was determined to save their lives.

But they both survived. And one day, on a small colony called 'Herrykairn'...

Turillian Odyssey

Talin Corwin, son of Jack Corwin and Claury Finisterre, former soldier, escapee from an escape-proof prison, and now one of the most wanted and evasive of criminal fugitives among the human worlds, finally falls into a carefully laid trap by the immensely wealthy and powerful Klaast Turill, who presents Talin and Cassie, another criminal, with two options. They will either be delivered to the police and return to the prison they escaped from, or they can help Turill to commit an act of sabotage that will change the course of human history, and help Turill establish a completely artificial society on a secret far-distant planet called ‘Tethys’ by its late discoverer.

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