Toward the end of the Emperor Hadrian's reign, one half of a Roman legion disappeared in the forests now occupied by the city of London. 1800 years later their descendants were rediscovered by a man and a woman, who were stranded for a brief time in a world not our own.

There they found a sword. They took it and returned back home—followed by the emissaries of the spirits dominating the human denizens of that other realm. Some were charged with the destruction of the visitors; while another was sent to recruit them to save his world.

But how do you save a world, if first you need to destroy much of it? And how can you do that, without at the same time losing your soul—and your life?

Sam and Helen hadn’t been prepared for what awaited them when they agreed to be come world-saviors. They wouldn’t have agreed to it at all, for they had enough troubles of their own. But they were not the first who had discovered that world, and there was someone else there with whom
Sam had an old score to settle.

And so they went.

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