Keaen (Tethys: Book 1)

Once upon a time, more than a thousand years hence, on a distant world called ‘Tethys’, in the kingdom of Keaen...

Armist and Tahlia, siblings in love, now destined to be separated forever. 

Caitlan, Weaponsmaster of the Castle; a man with divided loyalties, having to choose between helping his friends or serving his ruler.

Ailin, a tavern wench with a secret that could cost her life. 

Pandrak, emissary of the Magices of the Isle of Skele; a man charged to preserve century-old traditions at all cost.

Armist and Tahlia attempt to escape their fate, and in so doing they set into motion events that will reverberate throughout their world and change the future of the people of Tethys forever.

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