on my to=be-written list... cover draft only...

on my to=be-written list... cover draft only...

Aslam (Tethys: Book 6)

Gaston Huil, former Controller of the Authority but about to become a fugitive from their power, arrives on Tethys, determined to establish himself as its overlord, no matter what Mac might have had in mind when he invited him. Already he has attempted to kill Falcon and Teris, but his failure only spurs him on even more.

Mac, Naela, and their allies are aware that Gaston Huil cannot be trusted, but they also know that right now they need him and his inside knowledge of the Authority to keep Tethys safe.

A dangerous game begins, with Mac and his friends in the Valley having to deal with Gaston Huil, while Falcon and Teris are on a dangerous mission into the interior of Aslam, to recruit Aslatreex to their cause and establish a lethal elite corps—to be sent out into the human worlds and wreak havoc among the Authority's power structure. 


Aslam will be published as an eBook on Kindle through Amazon, and in all formats through Smashwords.com.

It will also be available in trade paperback format from Amazon.