Got to have to work on something, right? 

Well, here are projects currently under consideration and/or active production.


  • Aslam: This one’s been waiting for a long time; but it’s a biggie and it may have to wait for another while.

NOVELLAS — which might or might not end up as novels.

Derived from existing screenplays (which means the stories and a lot of content already exist):

  • Misty Patch — a contemporary romance with an element of suspense.

  • The Weaponsmaster — swashbuckling historical romance.

  • Wolf Hunt — a suspense story set into the context of ‘reality TV’ on a deserted island.

  • A Reason to Stay — a contemporary romance.

  • Can’t Do Everything — suspense romance.

  • Meeting Her by the Sea — a contemporary romance.

  • Thunder Trail — psychological thriller romance.

Some of these novellas might end up in ‘omnibus’ collections, as they’re likely to be too short for paperback editions. However, there will be individual KINDLE editions for all; plus the corresponding ‘omnibus’ edition. KINDLE versions.


  • The Nonlinear Writer — an alternative guide to writing novels and writing in general, for those willing to ‘think differently’ and fed up with stupid advice on how-to-write. (In off-and-on active production.)