updated from time to time as work proceeds...

updated from time to time as work proceeds...

The Long Path to Tethys  (Author Notes)

Why invent a world and then revisit it again and again? What relationship does an author have to his or her characters? And where it 'Tethys' anyway? 

They say that the journey is more important than arriving. Well, they say a lot of things, but this one may be right. The journey to Tethys had some rather rocky patches. And it isn't even finished yet.

This book will soon be renamed and seriously re-edited. So much has happened that needs to be said, and since I have given up all social media, this book appears like an excellent way to voice issues that have impacted on my thinking and therefore my stories. Our world is coming to a historical fulcrum, driven by rapidly advancing technology and the continued absence in most people—even those who actually do have the leisure, resources and lives that ought to enable them to think with a wider scope—of the ability to think critically, clearly and with integrity. Greed, selfishness and outright stupidity are still the main characteristics attributable to a frighteningly large portion of a species that really, really needs to evolve much quicker in order for it to survive.

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