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The Crime of Love

A funeral. An illicit love. A deeply-buried secret waiting to be unearthed.

Their future together hangs on what they'll find.

Years after being forced to leave home by a violent father, Jack returns for his funeral. His presence stirs up old resentments and enmities. It also brings back to the surface emotions and an attachment that has refused to die for all those years away—not just for Jack, but his sister Jess as well.

But then a possible murder hints at an old secret that might just change their lives forever. And now they are determined to unearth the truth, no matter what it might be.

***** NOTE *****

This short novel contains themes that many people will almost certainly find troubling, and possibly even disturbing. It is not advisable for readers with strong religious and/or other culturally implanted convictions, of those who will almost certainly be offended by having certain deeply-rooted sexually-related and widely accepted ethical and/or moral conventions challenged. This novel treats one of those conventions as profoundly hypocritical and damaging for those affected by prejudices that belong into the dark ages.

I make no apologies for this. The book deals with an issue that has, in one way or another, threaded through other work of mine; though here it has been made unapologetically explicit.

Because of the potentially sensitive nature of this book, it is now only available by requesting a ‘mobi’ or ‘ePub’ edition directly using the contact page on this site. Specify which format you would like.

The book will then be emailed to your supplied email address without cost. It is a labor of love that I don’t intend to ask money for.