The fourth novel in the  Broken Infinities  collection of stories, which also include   Continuity Slip  ,   Tomorrow’s Yesterdays   and   Seeking Emily  .   THIS NOVEL IS A PROJECT IN PROGRESS.

The fourth novel in the Broken Infinities collection of stories, which also include Continuity Slip, Tomorrow’s Yesterdays and Seeking Emily.


The World Walkers

Cian has seen her come to his coffee trailer for months now. He know he's being shallow, but so what? She's the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on, and every time she opens her mouth to speak, even if it's just to order her coffee, her voice is like music, her green eyes rivet him in place, and everything he might have wanted to say just doesn't come out as it should. And so he'd rather say nothing that'll get him into trouble with this wondrous woman.

Ari has watched the young man, usually dressed in a black T and blue jeans, make her coffee so many times that he's like a part of her life. She's even dreamed of him; and those were lovely dreams, very unlike the disturbing narratives that plague her on a regular basis. He doesn't talk much, but when he hands Ari her reusable mug, his smile makes her knees go strangely weak. And the occasional accidental touch—'accidental’? ha!—occasions an uncontrollable reaction that would have scared her just a little; if only it weren't so beautiful and…well, magical.

If only, Cian thinks, she came to his stand every day, instead of just thrice a week; and even then he never can predict when. He's here five days a week and tough he has tried to figure out a pattern, he hasn’t been able to predict her next appearance with anything better than random chance. And of course he’d never dare to ask her, for fear of creeping her out and her never coming to see him again.

If only, Ari thought, he were here every day of the week. Because she never knew when his trailer would be there. When he would be there. Where was he two days that she missed his presence, his face, his smile, the occasional fleeting touch of his fingers?

And so it went on for almost a year.

But Ari’s latest wannabe-boyfriend, Mark, a creepy-ish guy who was persistent to the point of becoming a stalker, accosts her while she is waiting for her coffee and makes an ass of himself. On the same day that she finally decided to get more than a few words out of her absolutely-totally-favorite barista. Starting with his name.

It's also the Friday of the first week that he has been there every single day—and that, as far as Cian is concerned, she has been there every day, too. A special day, about to be ruined, because Mark is showing off all his asshole-bully qualities.

Only then does Cian finds out what it means to 'see red'. Because he does. And when he finally not only speaks to Ari, but she embraces him, he knows that his life will never be the same again. And Ari finds that the tongue-tied young man is far more than he appeared. As she had known, only that she could not have anticipated the consequences of their mutual attraction, which brooks no resistance.

Except that they discover that they are playthings of forces greater than their own, and that in order to be together, they must surrender to a destiny that neither of them understands.

The World Walkers is a love story. It is also the fourth novel dealing with the vagaries of an infinitely dimensioned multiverse, in which many things are possible that most of us would dismiss as mere fantasy—and what can happen if humans are caught up in the eddies and maelstroms that threaten us along the paths we have to tread through an incomprehensible reality.

But we are not helpless. Indeed, knowing what we're facing may give us powers we never dared imagine.

NOTE: The World Walkers contains sex scenes.

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